Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Trip to the Dentist..

About 2 weeks ago Keltcee started complaining of a toothache. So I called the dentist which was on a Saturday and he called me in some antibiotics and made an appointment for Monday. I took her in and they said it was just a tooth coming in and that it would just run the course. So we went home and she never got better. She kept complaining of her chin hurting so this morning when she woke up her chin was swollen and her right jaw. I called the dentist and they got her in today and she is going to have to have root canal done on her front tooth. You see about 2 years ago my "tomboy" daughter was playing football at school and got her tooth chipped by a young man attempting to catch the ball. Well the tooth that got chipped is fine it is the one next to it that is dying hence the swollen jaw. I feel so bad for her.. When your kids complain of a toothache make sure the dentisit gets the right tooth...
The dentist is so nice. He is not charging me for the appointment or the 3 xrays they took today. What a relief.. since he didn't catch it in the first place...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Its been a while...

Hey everyone.. I know its been awhile and I keep getting phone calls or texts to update.. Well Clay got mad at Cable One and cut off my internet.. I had patience for a while but I am really starting to go crazy.. I can only clean my kitchen so many times a day..
I have really missed reading what everyone is up to. We have been very busy with school and work. Clay and I have started cleaning the Snowflake Clinic and the Imagining Center in Snowflake 3 nights a week, so it has been crazy with kinda going back to work again.
Clay is doing awesome. He passed his evalutation and I can't believe he has been on a year. I got to ride with him the other day and LOVED it. I was nervous the first couple of times he stopped a car but he did a great job. I love him so much and am so proud of him and how hard he works for us..
The kids are doing good. We had a bought with the Croop. A couple of days I had everyone home including Clay.. I am the only one not to get sick. We are all feeling better and I am sooooo glad.
Today is Veterans Day and the kids are out of school. I loaded them up and came to visit my parents who are now done serving at the temple. It will be so nice to get to spend more time with them. My mom is in the kitchen right now making bread with them..
I hope everyone is doing good. I am going to really push to get my internet back.. It is my link to the outside world..haha..

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Why I love a small town.

As I lay here this morning unable to sleep again, with so many things going through this thick head of mine. I was thinking about how much I love living in a small town. With the events that have been happening in the past few months with so many of our little ones being taken home, I am in awe with the way that people pull together. So many things have changed since I was young and that is ok but one thing that hasn't changed is the outpouring of love of people.
Watching this week as people have done for Mitchell and Leanna and how strong their family is makes me very happy to live in a small community where people just do. Not because they are expected to but because that is what is in there hearts. How thankful I am to be able to raise my children here with people like you. I hope that I can be as giving and loving as those that I have seen this week and in the past few months.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

A tragic day!

For those of you haven't heard the sad news in the Reidhead family, Mitchell and Leanna Reidheads little baby boy Breckin was tragically taken today. He was 9 months old and a cute little boy. Our prayers our with this sweet little family. You know you wonder sometimes why things happen and you have to trust in your faith more and more. So many of our little ones are going home and I feel it is becuase they are to pure to be here and in the world.
I need to be a better mom and not take my children for granted. I love them so much and need to spend more time with them. I am thankful for all they teach me. I am so very thankful for a Father in Heaven that loves me to send me such precious kids.
Our hearts go out to the Reidhead Family at this time. We love you and pray for you and your kids..

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Family Pictures

We were able to get some family pictures finally. We were lucky enough to have Cher Lewis take them. She did a fantastic job. We sure appreciate her and her driving all the way out to the ranch. She did a great job with what she had to work with.. THANKS Cher.!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

3:30 AM..

I can't sleep right now becuase my husband is still not home.. I am still getting used to being married to a policeman.. He left at 2 pm and went to Whiteriver to the Tribal Fair.. When he was leaving he is loading up his riot gear and I had a few questions as to why are you taking that.? He told me they usually need it with all the rocks and crap that gets thrown at them.. He also proceeds to tell me that it gets pretty wild down there. So now that its 330 am and he was suppost to be here at 11pm that is why I would be up.. I figure in time I will get used to this but for right now I just want him to drive up..
This is more of a frustation post than anything.. So sorry... I am using this as a journal also, and want to keep track of little things like this to see how much I grow over the coming years of dealing with things like this...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Random Pictures..

Tate enjoying the party
The girls having fun at the wedding
Gavin was done with smiling
Me and my Rylee.. she is so much fun Me and my kids.. Sierra is Clays cousin that lives with us and we love it... We love you Sierra.. She just graduated and is trying to figure life out..

My sister in law brought me over a disk of pictures that she had since last christmas so I thought I would put some of them on...

Sunday, August 17, 2008


The last month has been alittle stressful around our neighborhood. We have had a burgler coming in to single women at night.. Well he attempted my home one night while Clay was at work.. Easy, if Clays car is gone he knows he isn't home.. Well it has been going on for about a month and a half now and it is a little nerve racking.. So Clay took me out shooting the other day. SCARY!! I did hit the target but just rather not have to shoot somebody.. Well the good news is they think they caught the 2 guys the other night around the corner from our home. Not real upstanding citizens, so I am glad they are off the street. Here are a couple of pictures of us shooting.

First Day of School

Well here it is again.. I can't believe that summer gets shorter every year. I swear we used to start school at the end of August. Well I had mixed feelings this year but now that it is started, I am glad that it was early.. lol.... I have Keltcee in 5th grade, Rylee in 3rd grade, and Kennedee in 1st grade.. that leaves me alone with Tate and Gavin at home.. its been kinda nice because Clays schedule is from 2 pm until 10 pm so its been nice to have him take the boys for a couple of hours and so it gives me time to clean all alone...Thanks BABE!!!


Well its been awhile since I posted. We have been very busy and I actually took some pictures, so I hope you don't mind alot of pictures...

We went to the Beecroft Reunion and had so much fun. The kids loved being outside and didn't know quite what to do.

We were all setting around and I told them to get out of there and get dirty. In about 20 minutes they all come back covered from head to toe in mud, they said I couldn't get mad cause I had told them to get dirty..

It was really good to spend some time with my Beecroft relatives that we don't get to see very often.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Tate!!

Happy 5th Birthday Tate. I can't believe that you are 5. You are such a fun boy and such a big helper. I am so happy you are in our family and that you are such a good boy.

There are many reasons we love Tate in our family..
1.He looks just like his dad
2.He has his moms red hair
3.He is so serious
4.He loves kids
5.He gives the best hugs
6.He is always happy in the mornings
7.He is our first son
8.He loves his family
9.He loves to go to primary
10.He will eat anything you put infront of him
There are tons of things that we LOVE about Tate, those are just a few. He is a special boy and is so much fun to have in our home..

Thursday, July 31, 2008

A new phase!

Well after 10 1/2 years of diaper changing I am done. I can't believe that I have moved on to the next phase of motherhood. Gavin was alot more ready to be potty trained than his mother was to have him that way. I would go back to check on him and he would be on the toilet and say " Mom I a big boy" So I thought oh he is just messing around and then when we went camping and he went and used the "porta johns" (personally I HATE those things) So I about died for him to be in one. When we got home we never looked back. He has done awesome and I am LOVING life..YEA!!! Thanks Gavin for potty training and 2!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Remembering the past!

1. As a comment on myh blog, leave on memory that you and i (or you and Clay) had together. It doesnt' matter if you knew me/him/us a litte or alot, anything you remember.

2.Next, repost these instructions on your blog and see how many people have a memory about you.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Rylee just hanging out with Clays new pup....Tate enjoyed playing in the rain and teasing the girls

Gavin LOVED the water and had a blast with all the kids

Kennedee had so much fun having girls her age, there was ALOT of dress up played

Ashlyn was so funny, she wore a sweat band Rylee gave her and flashed me signs when I took her picture...

Keltcee and Ashlyn had alot of fun together despite the size difference.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Rylees surgery

Our little Rylee had surgery on July 2, 2008. She has always been a little sickly and had big dark circles under her eyes. She seemed to get tired quite a bit. Me being a good mom thought it was allergies. So I would give her some medicine. I always thought there was something else but just thought she had inherited my allergies. I took her into the doctor and he said she needs her adnoids out, so we made an appointment in Showlow with a Dr. Cox and took her up. He said she is one sick little girl who didn't have much of an airway. She would need both adnoids and tonsels out. He named all these signs about someone with these problems and they all fit Rylee. Everything that was happening to her really made sense. So we scheduled the surgery and she was soooo excited telling EVERYONE about it. Once we were up there she was so excited about getting it done. It was a good thing we brought Clay for comic relief. haha.. These people that think he never talks. Well you should have been there. I don't know if he was nervous or what but he was on one. She is doing good and hopefully feel better in the next few days... We love her and it was so hard for me to let her go.. I was being a baby but we love our little Rylee and am so proud of her and the sweet girl she is...

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hyper Little Girls!!

On Thursday my sister Paula and I took my girls my neices Haylee and Morgan down to the High School Musical. It was at GAMAGE in Tempe and boy was it loud. I was very impressed with the whole thing. The girls were SO EXCITED and HYPER, Paula and I wondered if we would ever get some sleep. I don't know if I have ever been around so many little girls in one place and ALL of them were SCREAMING. It was alot of fun and we had a great time just the girls...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Babe!

Just a note to tell Clay Happy Birthday. I just wanted to tell you thank you for all you do for us.. You are such a great husband and father. I am so Proud of you and what you have accomplished. Thank you for being my Best Friend and for always putting up me and my crazy ideas.. You are a wonderful person and I am proud that you are my husband.. I hope you have a great day.. Love ya

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I was getting ready the other day when Gavin came in and started stripping down. He took off his shirt and grabbed up a bra that was there and proceded to put it on. I was laughing becuase he wouldn't take it off. I took a picture and sent it to Clay who was oh so proud. NOT!! He walked around the house pretty proud of himself. I hope to use this picture as blackmail one day. haha...

The Star Spangled Banner

Keltcee was asked to sing the STAR SPANGLED BANNER at the closing of the little league. She and a boy who was singing with her practiced for a week and when they got there the announcer asked 2 other boys who could not or did not know the song. Needless to say I was not very happy. She did a great job of what we could hear of her. She has a great voice which she did not get from her mother. She sings from sun up to sun down and then some. If you notice she is on cruches courtesy of Rylee fracturing her left foot. We are proud of her and the young woman she is becoming.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Its been a while...

Ok it has been a while since I posted. I can't believe how time gets aways from me. Alot has happened and that just goes with having 5 kids and a husband that never stops.
We are enjoying fixing up our home. Clay let me buy paint for mothers day to paint the inside of the house. It was fun painting with my husband. School is out now and I am glad. I like to have my kids home with me.(although today I wouldn't have cared if they were gone).
We have been busy with ballgames and just the running around that goes on. Clay and I were lucky enought to take Keltcee and Rylee to a Diamondback game. It was alot of fun to see the girls when they saw the big field. They were in amazement. We don't get to do some much alone with them and so it was alot of fun just to spend time and visit with them.
Clay has been working very hard, he LOVES his job and sorry for those that have been seeing him more than me..haha.. I have to laugh at all the people that say" I ran into your husband the other day" I just laugh and say sorry.. they are all really good about it.
Just to tell you a little what is going on with each of us.. Sierra ( my niece that lives with us) just graduated high school. I love having her here, but it is a change going from Keltcee being 10 to my oldest being 18.. I will definelty be doing thing different with my girls and enjoy things with them alot more. Sierra is such a great girl that has not had a great life. We are glad that she trusted us enough to come live with us. We love you Sierra.
Keltcee is 10 going on 16 now that Sierra lives here. She loves to have her hair done and be all dolled up. The problem is that she looks older than Sierra. Clay doesn't like it all and isn't looking forward to the coming years. I want to congratulate Keltcee on making the ALL STAR team in baseball. She is a good little player and dang it won't be able to play due to a broken left foot she recieved by jumping on the trampoline with Rylee..
Rylee is 8 almost 9 and is PROUD of the fact she is the one that broke Keltcees foot. Rylee is going in for surgery on July 2. She is having her tonsills and adnoids out. Poor thing has been very sick and I thought she just had allergies.
Kennedee is full of life, but if it is not happening for her it is not happening for any of us.. She keeps us going. She is so excited to be in the 1st grade. I was reading on the report her teacher is sending to the first grade teacher and in big letters it said (SENSITIVE PERSONALITY).. I wasn't quite sure how to take that..haha.. She is 6 going on 21...
Tate.. my big boy.. Tate will be 5 in August and is just short of 55 pounds.. He is a TANK..He is so sensitive and a loving kid. He LOVES to tease his sisters and reminds me of my brother teasing when I was little.. OH NO!! (deanne and Leanna can relate).
Gavin is 2 and is in his 2's full force. He is a MONSTER. He is on the go all the time. He no longer takes naps and just wants to be one of the big kids. He is into everything and I wouldn't have it any other way.
I love all my kids and I love my husband. I am not the perfect mom and am always learning. I am trying to just do what I can do.. I have some pictures that I need to download and will post more.

Friday, June 13, 2008

To my dad...

How sad that the last time I posted was on mothers day.. Now that it is Fathers Day here I am again. I couldn't let this chance to tell my dad what a great man he is. I have been blessed with the best parents. Each year that I get older I realize it even more.
Dad, I would like to tell you THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart for the many things you have done for me. I thank you for being my teacher, my principal, my bishop, and most important my dad.. I truely respect you for the way you have lived your life. I don't remember one time that you raised your voice at us or mom. You and mom showed us what a great marriage should be. You have always stuck up for the things that you believed in, even when it wasn't the most popular. You have taught me alot of what it means to give service and not worry about the little things..
Us kids have many great memories of just one day deciding to go on a vacation. We never knew when but we always had a great time no matter what.
I will always cherish the times that we went walking while I lived at the ranch and the many conversations we had about children and what we should do with them... I miss being at the ranch and sharing that time with you.. I am thankful for the Grandpa that you are. Everyone of your grandchildren love you and respect you.
Thanks for being the greatest, most hard working , loving , understanding dad. I am lucky and thankful to call you my dad. I love you.. Love Amee

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy Mothers Day...

I just thought I would write a little post to my mom.. Even though she may never get on I look at this as kind of a journal for me. I am so very thankful to my mom, she has done so much for me. Being a mom it reminds me of things that my mom did for me when I was young that I took for granted. Almost everything!!! There are so many things that I for my kids that I know she did for me. I love my mom just for being her. Everyone says that I looks just like her and I take that as a compliment. She is a truely wonderful person. She is one of the most honest and loving people that I know. She is a wonderful grandma, that loves her grandkids soooo much. I am thankful for her willingness to serve in the temple. I know that our family has been blessed by my parents willingness to serve. I am greatful for the example she gives me everyday in just getting through the day. I am greatful for the advice she gives me on children and husbands..haha.. I love my mom so much and am thankful to a Heavenly Father that loved me enought to send me to a great mom.. Happy Mothers day MOM..I love you..

Sunday, May 4, 2008

I have been tagged..

Thanks to Deanne I have been tagged...The rules of the game are you answer 15 question, when you are done doing that then you tag 5 different people, so here it goes..

3 JOYS.... My Children, My husband, being with my friends

3 fears..... Losing one of my children, losing my husband and being alone at night.(I am a BIG chicken..)

3 goals... Paint my house, lose some weight, have great kids.

3 current obsessions.. cleaning.. walking, and the Phoenix Suns..haha

3 randon suprising facts... I have been sky diving, I love photography, and I love to shop...

I tag..Chantel, Kasey, Melanie,

Friday, April 25, 2008

Winning Catch..

I am helping coach the girls minor league fast pitch team. I have 2 of my daughters on there and it is so fun. We played a team yesterday that hasn't been beat and the girls were pretty excited. They ended up winning 10-4 and usually Keltcee is on short stop or pitching. She asked if she could play out in left field and sure enough they hit one out there. She made a good catch and then ran and touched 2nd base to get a double play and end the game... I was so excited as a mother and coach.. They now start playing Snowflake and we have 2 cousins that play over there so it should be fun...

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Monday, April 7, 2008

The life of the Hensleys

I thought I would try this blogging thing out and let you know what the Hensleys have been up to lately. It has been a very busy last year for us. It started with Clay getting hired by DPS, then he started the academy down in Phoenix in June. I moved my 5 children and I to live my parents.. We lived at the Ranch from June until the end of December when Clay was finally done.
We experienced some fun and not so fun things at the ranch. Keltcee and Rylee both came up with poison ivy from playing on the mountain. It was alot of fun trying to keep them from itching. Gavin locked himself in my parents vehicle and so the fire truck got to make a special trip out to get him out. The kids LOVED living there. It made Clay being gone so much easier. They discoverd lots of creepy crawling things that made their mom cringe.
They learned that sleeping outside can be frightening when the coyotes start howling. They got to make bread with grandma and go help grandpa feed the fish. We spent alot of time in the pond which even mom loved.
They got to visit with cousins and even watched it flood a few times. They LOVED getting up at 6 AM to be ready for the 8 mile dirt road to school. They got to experience alot of snow. A grandpa that always was on the go and was never to tired to say no to a 4 wheeler ride.. We got chased by an elk and I got to go on alot of walks with my dad. It was wonderful to get insight into children and get free advice on what to do with certain kids. I will forever hold those walks close to my heart and the time I got to know more about my father.
Clay went into the academy and when he got done he had lost 35 pounds. He is one strong man. He has done so good and is so happy where he is. He was ranked 9th out 55 other people. He loved getting tazed and pepper sprayed. He always came home with some kinda story that his kids would eat up. He loves being based out of Showlow and is already experiencing some of the fun of being a policeman.
When he was done in December, we moved to Taylor AZ and bought Clays grandmothers old home. It is so much fun being where Clay grew up. He has alot of memories here and now for my children to be here is so fun. We love living here, well except the wind. The kids are playing little league. I am lucky enough to be helping coach Keltcee and Rylee's Minor team. Kennedee is in T-ball and Tate and Gaving get to cheer from the sidelines. We stay busy and would love to hear what is going on with every one.

Gavin is our baby.. He just turned 2 and is full of life. He LOVES his mom and loves to go. He is a tease and loves to play with brothers and sisters. His mom his brain washing him to like the SUNS..

Tate is our BIG 4 year old. He is very tender hearted and loves to play the play station. He loves to be with his dad and has the most beautiful red hair..

Kennedee is our little 6 year old sweet girl. Kennedee loves to color and to clean. She is alway willing to help her mom when asked. She loves to ride her bike and play t-ball.

Rylee is our 8 year old animal lover. She lives to be around horses. She is a big helper to her mom and loves to play with her sisters and brothers.

Keltcee is our singer song writer and just loves life. She is her moms right hand girl and is always to have a good time

Friday, April 4, 2008

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