Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy Mothers Day...

I just thought I would write a little post to my mom.. Even though she may never get on I look at this as kind of a journal for me. I am so very thankful to my mom, she has done so much for me. Being a mom it reminds me of things that my mom did for me when I was young that I took for granted. Almost everything!!! There are so many things that I for my kids that I know she did for me. I love my mom just for being her. Everyone says that I looks just like her and I take that as a compliment. She is a truely wonderful person. She is one of the most honest and loving people that I know. She is a wonderful grandma, that loves her grandkids soooo much. I am thankful for her willingness to serve in the temple. I know that our family has been blessed by my parents willingness to serve. I am greatful for the example she gives me everyday in just getting through the day. I am greatful for the advice she gives me on children and husbands..haha.. I love my mom so much and am thankful to a Heavenly Father that loved me enought to send me to a great mom.. Happy Mothers day MOM..I love you..

Sunday, May 4, 2008

I have been tagged..

Thanks to Deanne I have been tagged...The rules of the game are you answer 15 question, when you are done doing that then you tag 5 different people, so here it goes..

3 JOYS.... My Children, My husband, being with my friends

3 fears..... Losing one of my children, losing my husband and being alone at night.(I am a BIG chicken..)

3 goals... Paint my house, lose some weight, have great kids.

3 current obsessions.. cleaning.. walking, and the Phoenix Suns..haha

3 randon suprising facts... I have been sky diving, I love photography, and I love to shop...

I tag..Chantel, Kasey, Melanie,