Friday, April 25, 2008

Winning Catch..

I am helping coach the girls minor league fast pitch team. I have 2 of my daughters on there and it is so fun. We played a team yesterday that hasn't been beat and the girls were pretty excited. They ended up winning 10-4 and usually Keltcee is on short stop or pitching. She asked if she could play out in left field and sure enough they hit one out there. She made a good catch and then ran and touched 2nd base to get a double play and end the game... I was so excited as a mother and coach.. They now start playing Snowflake and we have 2 cousins that play over there so it should be fun...

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Monday, April 7, 2008

The life of the Hensleys

I thought I would try this blogging thing out and let you know what the Hensleys have been up to lately. It has been a very busy last year for us. It started with Clay getting hired by DPS, then he started the academy down in Phoenix in June. I moved my 5 children and I to live my parents.. We lived at the Ranch from June until the end of December when Clay was finally done.
We experienced some fun and not so fun things at the ranch. Keltcee and Rylee both came up with poison ivy from playing on the mountain. It was alot of fun trying to keep them from itching. Gavin locked himself in my parents vehicle and so the fire truck got to make a special trip out to get him out. The kids LOVED living there. It made Clay being gone so much easier. They discoverd lots of creepy crawling things that made their mom cringe.
They learned that sleeping outside can be frightening when the coyotes start howling. They got to make bread with grandma and go help grandpa feed the fish. We spent alot of time in the pond which even mom loved.
They got to visit with cousins and even watched it flood a few times. They LOVED getting up at 6 AM to be ready for the 8 mile dirt road to school. They got to experience alot of snow. A grandpa that always was on the go and was never to tired to say no to a 4 wheeler ride.. We got chased by an elk and I got to go on alot of walks with my dad. It was wonderful to get insight into children and get free advice on what to do with certain kids. I will forever hold those walks close to my heart and the time I got to know more about my father.
Clay went into the academy and when he got done he had lost 35 pounds. He is one strong man. He has done so good and is so happy where he is. He was ranked 9th out 55 other people. He loved getting tazed and pepper sprayed. He always came home with some kinda story that his kids would eat up. He loves being based out of Showlow and is already experiencing some of the fun of being a policeman.
When he was done in December, we moved to Taylor AZ and bought Clays grandmothers old home. It is so much fun being where Clay grew up. He has alot of memories here and now for my children to be here is so fun. We love living here, well except the wind. The kids are playing little league. I am lucky enough to be helping coach Keltcee and Rylee's Minor team. Kennedee is in T-ball and Tate and Gaving get to cheer from the sidelines. We stay busy and would love to hear what is going on with every one.

Gavin is our baby.. He just turned 2 and is full of life. He LOVES his mom and loves to go. He is a tease and loves to play with brothers and sisters. His mom his brain washing him to like the SUNS..

Tate is our BIG 4 year old. He is very tender hearted and loves to play the play station. He loves to be with his dad and has the most beautiful red hair..

Kennedee is our little 6 year old sweet girl. Kennedee loves to color and to clean. She is alway willing to help her mom when asked. She loves to ride her bike and play t-ball.

Rylee is our 8 year old animal lover. She lives to be around horses. She is a big helper to her mom and loves to play with her sisters and brothers.

Keltcee is our singer song writer and just loves life. She is her moms right hand girl and is always to have a good time

Friday, April 4, 2008

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