Saturday, October 24, 2009

A FUN day!!!

We had a very fun day on Rylees birthday. I posted pictures of her in my prior post..These are just some of the pictures I took of the other kids riding. They had a ball and it was fun to see how they were so at home with these horses. I was about to have a panic attack...but it was alot of fun to be together and enjoy this.. THANKS to Shawn Palmer for letting us hang out with his horses.... Gavin had a ball...He wasn't afraid at all and didn't want to leave when it was time..

Tate LOVED this little pony BUCK...They rode that thing everywhere.

I LOVE this picture....Father like Son..

Keltcee is a natural on horses. She does an amazing job at scaring her mother to loves horses as much as Rylee and had a good time..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Rylee!!!

Happy Birthday Rylee!! Just wanted to put a few pictures on here of our little cowgirl..She turned 10 on October 19th. All she wanted to do was get boots and ride a horse. So her dad made it happen...Here are a few pictures of her day. She had a ball and she looks sooo cute in her Wranglers if I say so myself...

I love these 2 pictures becuase they capture her. She absolutely LOVES horses and in her mind right here I think she is somewhere else in an open field riding...

Happy Birthday Rylee...We sure do LOVE having you in our family...Your a great girl who is alot of fun to be around. I love that you love to give hugs..I love that you know every Taylor Swift song there is...I love that you have a passion for something...I love that you read your scriptures at night...I love that you are a good friend to people...I love that you are my daughter...I hope you had a great day...