Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Its been a while...

Hey everyone.. I know its been awhile and I keep getting phone calls or texts to update.. Well Clay got mad at Cable One and cut off my internet.. I had patience for a while but I am really starting to go crazy.. I can only clean my kitchen so many times a day..
I have really missed reading what everyone is up to. We have been very busy with school and work. Clay and I have started cleaning the Snowflake Clinic and the Imagining Center in Snowflake 3 nights a week, so it has been crazy with kinda going back to work again.
Clay is doing awesome. He passed his evalutation and I can't believe he has been on a year. I got to ride with him the other day and LOVED it. I was nervous the first couple of times he stopped a car but he did a great job. I love him so much and am so proud of him and how hard he works for us..
The kids are doing good. We had a bought with the Croop. A couple of days I had everyone home including Clay.. I am the only one not to get sick. We are all feeling better and I am sooooo glad.
Today is Veterans Day and the kids are out of school. I loaded them up and came to visit my parents who are now done serving at the temple. It will be so nice to get to spend more time with them. My mom is in the kitchen right now making bread with them..
I hope everyone is doing good. I am going to really push to get my internet back.. It is my link to the outside world..haha..


Jami said...

Amee - I love your family Pic!! Good luck with your new job and cleaning up everybody elses mess, although you already know what that is like because you are a MOM!!! NateDog has had the croop really bad as well, I am glad you are all on the mend!!

T and L Morris Family said...

Oh we MISS the Hensley family internet!! haha At least we know you are doing good:)

Thanks for the up-date...That is SUPER that Clay has made it to a year!! YIPPEE Can't wait to see you two at Tims graduation:)

DeAnne Baum said...

I'm glad you have decided to let us know that you are alive! We miss you all like crazy. Hope everyone is over the sickness!

Aunt Tiff said...

YAY!!! I am so glad to see you're still alive!! Hope you can get your sanity back soon!!

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

I couldn't be without the computer either. Living so far away I definitely feel out of the loop but the blogging world helps me stay connected with family and friends.