Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Tate!!

Happy 5th Birthday Tate. I can't believe that you are 5. You are such a fun boy and such a big helper. I am so happy you are in our family and that you are such a good boy.

There are many reasons we love Tate in our family..
1.He looks just like his dad
2.He has his moms red hair
3.He is so serious
4.He loves kids
5.He gives the best hugs
6.He is always happy in the mornings
7.He is our first son
8.He loves his family
9.He loves to go to primary
10.He will eat anything you put infront of him
There are tons of things that we LOVE about Tate, those are just a few. He is a special boy and is so much fun to have in our home..


Kristal and Jason said...

That picture is so cute of Tate! Happy Birthday!

T and L Morris Family said...

What a sweetie! Happy B-Day TATE!!

I think your boys are momma's boys mine! It is fun huh?!!

troy and melani porter said...

What a cutie! We almost named Jalan -Tate instead..I love that name! I need to see your kids in person someday!

Dawna Greer said...

Can't believe your boys are so grown up. Tate sounds really precious--a great boy to have around!

The Reidheads said...

Happy late birthday to TATE!! What a goodlooking boy!! I am not such a good aunt...sorry...I keep hoping for a slowdown and it's not happening! Love you guys!!

The Papa's said...

I love your boys' hair. So dang cute! Yes, I guess better me than you, but who am I kidding I am not ready for this! I was just done with all of my diaper changing too, and here comes another 2-3 years of it. Wish me luck!

Boston and Kati Bryce said...

Hey Woman! Your kids are getting sooo big! How are you?

DeAnne Baum said...

I've been horrible about looking at everyones blogs. Happy late B-day Tate!

How is school going for everyone? Miss you!

Paula said...

The thing I love most about my bugga boy is the "out there" questions he CONSTANTLY asks. They are so funny and I have no idea where he comes up with them. We really should be writing them down. Tate is a sweet sould and we love him dearly.
Aunt Paula