Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Keltcee!

Today is Keltcees 11th birthday. I can't believe that she is that old. We were very blessed when Keltcee came into our world. She is a wonderful girl and I am not just saying that because I am her mother, I have so many people give me compliments on her and what a sweet girl she is.
I just want to list a few things that I love about this girl...
1. ALWAYS Happy..
2. ALWAYS singing
3. Can take teasing from her father( cause she is just like him)
4.Is her moms right hand man and never complains
5.Reads her scriptures
6.gets along with everyone the best hugs
8.Is a great example to her siblings.
9.Loves the Lord
10. Way cute...(watch out boys she beat you at any sport)
11. A very special daughter of our Heavenly Father..(Heaven is a quiet place without her..)

I love you Keltcee and THANK YOU for just being you...


DeAnne Baum said...

Happy Birthday Keltcee! I hope your day was a great one.

Good job Clay! Glad your back.

Traci said...

Don't they make you feel so old. I think she is the cutest little thing. And she is just like you too. She is so friendly and sweet. You guys have done an awesome job. Happy Birthday Keltcee.

Brit and Summer said...

You have such a beautiful family! I didn't know you guys had 5 kids. My sister-in-law is doing well and thanks for asking about her. She did go to the hospital after the accident and the baby wasn't moving like she should and they were a little concerned. Then two days later she saw her doctor in Mesa and did another ultrasound and the baby looked perfect. She was so grateful for you and your husband and commented how nice you both were to her. Thanks so much for caring for both of them. It it good to know you have a blog and we can keep up with you and your family. You can comment on ours anytime. Tell your mom and dad we said hi!

The Papa's said...

It seems like yesterday that you olny had 3 and Keltcee was like 5! Time flies! I really had no idea that your youngest was Gavin! I hope that you don't mind. We love our little guy too! Yeah! You are finally getting to that stage where your youngest is old enough to fend for himself! Sad, but kinda makes life so much easier! Glad you guys are doing good.

Kenna Koona said...

Happy Birthday Keltcee! Miss you. Have a good one... :)