Thursday, January 29, 2009

The funny things kids say..

I have to write this down for future refrence to Tate. This morning he came sat by me on the couch while I was yes, blogging. He looked at me and asked when he was going to be a father? I said when you get married and have kids. He looked at me and said ya but could you tell me exactly how many days that will be. I started laughing and said it will be sooner than you think.. He is always saying something out of the blue.


Lisa said...

That is really cute. Caden likes to have answers like that and is confused when I cant be exact!
You guys have a good looking family and your second daughter looks just like you.
I keep up a little more on my blog than I do facebook, but I'm trying to get better. But either way, I'm glad to be in contact again and to keep up with eachother and families.