Thursday, July 8, 2010


Keltcee and Rylee both made AllStars this year. Keltcee on the Majors and Rylee on Minors. Keltcee played in Blue Ridge and Rylee in Payson. So we have put on the miles this past week. I LOVE ball and LOVE to watch them play. Keltcee plays 3rd, 1st, and pitches.. She does such a great job!!!!

Getting ready to take 2nd

Playing 3rd

Her favorite #7..

Rylee is #11

Getting ready to hit the field

Playing 2nd...

Hit the ball RYLEE!!!

Love this girl!!!!


cturley said...

Good luck girls!!!! I love watching softball :)

~Merrill ~Millennial Preschool said...

love all the cute stars! What a busy summer!

Dawna Greer said...

CUTE girls taking after their mama!

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